About Us

Apu Origins Ecuador is a social enterprise, dedicated to the design, production and marketing of fine handmade jewelry. Created in 2016 thanks to the collaboration of native Otavaleños and under the direction and leadership of a Quiteña in love with traditional Ecuadorian Andean fashion.

Apu is now a registered brand in the process of internationalization to the markets of New York and New Jersey, United States.


Apu Origins Ecuador is a social enterprise, dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of fine crafts. Inspired by the ancestral fashion of the Ecuadorian Andean area, Apu seeks to rescue the identity of Andean peoples through their designs, incorporating them into current fashion.


By 2030, Apu Origins Ecuador will be a social company recognized for its authenticity and professionalism; and for tis focus on helping the most vulnerable communities in the Ecuadorian higland region.

Core Values

Social Responsability

Our approach is to maintain the balance between social development, a sustainable environment and also economic and commercial viability.


Our goal is to give a very special and unique handmade jewelry.


Finding new ways of thinking, learning, and doing.

Our Artisans

Apu is an ancient Andean heritage and our artisans are responsible for preserving the Ecuadorian Andean culture through their creations.

Germán Moreta

Meet Germán

Craftsman Partner

Born and rise in Otavalo, Ecuador. He enjoys cooking and music. His favorite color is black and loves to spend time with his son and wife.

Olga Vinachi

Meet Olga

Craftswoman Partner

Born and rise in Otavalo, Ecuador. She learned the technique of weaving necklaces from her father. She’s very proud of her cultural heritage, that’s why she’s always wearing her traditional Andean clothing.

The administrative, intelligence and creative team

Apu is a team of professionals who join forces to achieve international visibility of their products.

Lizeth Perez

Ing. Lizeth Pérez

CEO International Business

Lizeth Alejandra Pérez studied International Business Engineering at the Universidad de las Américas. She is an activist for the rights of women and vulnerable groups. The social enterprise that she has created through ApuOriginsEc seeks to strengthen the national identity, as well as help the native Otavaleños to support themselves economically with the sale of these handmade necklaces.

Andrés Iturralde

Lawyer Andrés Iturralde

Legal and accounting adviser


Victoria Pérez

Multimedia Designer

Multimedia designer graduated from the Metropolitan Institute of Design

Marjory Insuasti

Marjory Insuasti

Multimedia Designer

Multimedia designer graduated from the Metropolitan Institute of Design



Do not expose it to fire or prolonged time under the sun


Protect APU from the sea, showers or swimming pools.


Do not stretch it, if it gets tangled, be patient.


Store them separately in a cloth bag.


We know you love your APU necklaces but try not to sleep or play sports with them on.


Do not clean them with creams or soaps, just a water wipe is enough.



One year warranty.


Most frequent questions and answers

Are they really made by indigenous Ecuadorians?

Of course! Apu is made up of 2 artisans, a married couple who delight us with their creative hands.

Why is Apu special?

Because we work to design a modern jewel but with native Ecuadorian roots and above all because those who produce it are native indigenous people who dedicate their lives to transmitting an ancient heritage through APU.

How long does any Apu item last?

We have noticed that it lasts, without any problem, at least 1 year; however we have clients from more than 4 years ago who still use Apu without any problem. (It will depend on how careful you are with your Apu craft, we have the APU care that can help you take care of it and make it last much longer)